Jacques Leclerc

Jacques has worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years where he held positions as site foreman and factory. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Jacques has entrepreneurship in the blood because he has always been a shareholder in his companies. He founded, among other things, 3 companies having recorded financial performances worthy of mention. He has taken several courses offered as part of a DEC in civil engineering, not to mention that he is continually perfecting his knowledge by carrying out training recognized by the CCQ. In this capacity, he has the status of carpenter and joiner. Over the years, he has accumulated a multitude of certifications from the CCQ, ASP Construction and AQTr.


Endowed with extraordinary know-how and know-how, he naturally knows how to mobilize his team members who undoubtedly recognize his leadership. Versatile, he has many strings to his bow, because in addition to his talents as site manager, he can drive various machinery and road transport vehicles.


A man of challenge, he has successfully completed several large-scale projects with specific constraints in the field of bridges, docks and walkways. Jacques decided to join a team of associates carefully selected for their great expertise and know-how in order to found PONTS EXPERTS INC.